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 Breeding to a higher standard.  Outstanding Companion and Family/Protection dogs; Herding, Performance and Service Dogs are all our Specialty.  We train/work/title our dogs as well as health test.

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Show puppies by Anatomy; Loyal Companions and Protection by Nature; Health and Longevity by good genetics; and proven by Health Testing Certifications. Brought to you by a thoughtful knowledgeable trusted breeder of over 45 years. Breeders of the finest quality Schutzhund/IPO titled & Breed Surveyed German Shepherds in the United States. Our breeding program maintains the integrity of the German Shepherd's heritage to preserve the ideal human-canine bond. 

Our Merkel Geneology is from
Haίloch, Germany

We are published in these books

Haus Merkel
   Breeder Name: Dyan Merkel
   Location: North Texas
   Contact Info:

   Hip/Elbow Certifications: Yes
   Degenerative Myopathy Certifications: Yes
   Thyroid tests: Yes
   CERF tests: No

   Titles/certifies breeding stock in discipline?: Yes

   Raises breeding stock from puppies: Yes
   Titles dogs bred on premise:  Yes
   Imports titled breeding stock: Yes
   Buys from other Breeders:  NO MORE!

   Has trained in Schutzhund: Yes
   HOT from puppy to SchH3: Yes
   HOT and bred to SchH3: Yes

   Show ratings: Yes
   Breed survey: Yes

   V Putz vom Haus Merkel SchH3, Kkl 1a
   V Ulla vom Haus Merkel SchH3, Kkl 1a
   V Zessa vom Haus Merkel SchH2, IPO3, Kkl1a
   V Riesa vom Haus Merkel SchH2, Kkl 1a
   V Puma vom Haus Merkel SchH2, Kkl 1a
   V Emma vom Haus Merkel SchH1, Kkl 1a
   SG Wickie vom Haus Merkel IPO1 a
   SG Vessa vom Haus Merkel IPO1 a
   SG1 Clar vom Haus Merkel SchH1 a
   Ch Merkel's Opium SchH1
   V Merkel's Arletta SchH1, a
   SG, VP2 Nixe vom Haus Merkel BH, AD, a
   SG Feli vom Haus Merkel BH, AD, a
   Ch Merkel's Leica UDT, OFA
   Merkel's Leibchen Shiloh UDT, OFA
   Ch Merkels Sangria UDT, OFA
   United States Grand Victrix
   Ch Merkels Vendetta  ROM, OFA
   Ch Merkel' Quaestor CD, ROM, OFA
   Ch Merkel's Essence UD, OFA
   Merkel's Coda vom Jennerick CDX, OFA
   National Certified Search & Rescue
   Lieb vom Haus Merkel OFA,
   National Obedience Winner
Ch Merkel's Cut Up of Timmee UDT, OFA
   Certified United States Service Dog
   Bryn vom Haus   Merkel CGC, OFA
   Certified United States Service Dog
Fred vom Haus Merkel
   Ch Merkel's The Cutting Edge OFA
   Ch Merkel's Virtual Reality OFA
   Ch Merkel's Tequila CD, OFA
   Ch Merkel's Sante Fe OFA
   Merkel's Spellbound ROM,
   Merkel's Emma ROM , OFA

   Merkel's Estes CD, near ROM
   2009 Annual Achievement Award Recipient
   Ch Merkel's Heart's are Wild
   Ch Merkel's Heart to Heart CD, OFA
   World Sieger Larus von Batu SchH3 Kkl 1a
   World Sieger Zamp vom Thermodos SchH3, Kkl 1
   World Sieger Yasko vom Farbenspiel SchH3,Kkl 1a
   VA Dux della Valcuvia SchH3, Kkl1a


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My beloved mother
(Dorothy Conner Merkel Obituary)
Love, kindness & laughter was her gift to all.  Always on my mind forever in my heart!


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Calorie Content (calculated):
ME 3894 kcal/kg;429 kcal/cup

Formula for Active Dog & Puppies contains high levels
of Proteins and Energy with only 30% carbohydrates! This super premium food is naturally formulated with added vitamins, minerals and other additives that work
together to support a strong and healthy immune and digestive system. As with all Victor dog foods, this formula is free from Corn, Wheat, Soy or Glutens and is also made using GMO Free. Dogs love the all natural flavor of this super premium food



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Canine body language

THIS is why you do not walk your dogs on asphalt or concrete in the summer. If you see someone walking their dogs on asphalt or concrete, PLEASE educated them and get the pet to cooler ground. Original post was from Pet Ambulance Victoria

This should be sent to all the veterinarians including the specialists!


We have received two notices. (1) Nails wrapped in cheese at dog parks in Chicago and Massachusetts (see pic). (2) from some friends that in Augusta Maine dog park, antifreeze is being found in doggie water bowls. Please beware and be careful and PLEASE SHARE and spread the word

Ever wonder where puppy mill dogs come from? Here's an example. Many get cooked alive in the sun and freeze to death in the winter. If you purchase your dog from a pet store, I can guarantee your "AKC" certified dog came from a place like this.  This one is even better than the ones  I saw in Iowa and Missouri!

Do you recognize she is a Yorkie?
Please do not purchase your pet from a Pet shop, Backyard breeder or Commercial Puppy Mill.

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"The man who rears a dog must complete what the breeder began..." Max v. Stephanitz; Father of the German Shepherd Dog


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This is a real combination of symptoms that spells out EMERGENCY. These are the classic symptoms of a condition referred to as "bloat" - a dog that is pacing, restless and has unproductive attempts to vomit.

This is a common problem in large breed deep-chested dogs but can also occur in smaller dogs.

Basically what happens is this - the stomach twists causing the blood supply to the stomach to be compromised then leads to tissue death. As tissues are damaged, toxins are released and a sequence of events occurs that if left untreated, leads to death.

If you ever notice these symptoms in your dog, call your local veterinarian or emergency clinic as soon as possible.

This is a condition that is fairly common and often occurs in the evening or nighttime hours. It is also a very expensive condition to treat.  READ MORE...


Dealing with Excessive Barking

The first step to stopping barking is to understand why it is happening. Dogs bark for all kinds of reasons, including anxiety, boredom and/or loneliness. Sometimes they bark just because it feels good.  Luckily, most dogs will respond to one or other intervention to curtail their barking. Whether you simply bring an outdoor dog inside or take the time to apply behavior-modification techniques, you can cause a dog to be less of a nuisance and to be more socially acceptable.

Removing Skunk Odor

No need for the tomato juice. Use a mixture of 10 parts hydrogen peroxide to 1 part baking soda. Add a dash of degreasing dishwashing soap and pour into a spray bottle. Spray liberally over dry coat and allow to air dry. Avoid eyes. Works on other objects, too!

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We are proud to have earned the
American Kennel Club
Breeder of
Merit Certification

The Breeder of Merit program was created to honor the hard work and commitment of Breeders who qualify!

We welcome you to the Haus Merkel family!
Every dog we sell is a World Class German Shepherd &
outstanding representation of the breed! 
We count on our good reputation and our clients for our true worth as German Shepherd Breeders.  Thank you for considering our German Shepherd Puppies for your home and family.

We thank you for your continued support of our breeding program, especially by your kind referrals. We consider your referrals the highest of compliments.  We would love to see you and your dog at any time and any age give me a call and we will set it up.  If you could send photos and updates at least once a year we can tell how our breeding program is progressing.    Please feel free to contact us  with questions or just to visit so we can see how your new/old family member is doing.  Our dogs give you their loyal hearts & they genuinely desire to please you. 
We are very proud of every single dog that leaves our home and goes into yours!

Yjazz vom Haus Merkel
lives in Oklahoma!

A well-bred  German Shepherd from Haus Merkel is unforgettable.  As reflected in the references below the feeling they have regarding our German Shepherds by owning, loving, and training these magnificent well bred dogs.  My life's work for 45 years has been to create the most perfect German Shepherd for family security with beautiful structure and the temperament and trainability for service/work from health tested bloodlines.
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Merkel Easter 2017

A message from dated April 12, 2017
Subject: Easter fun in AL

Hi Dyan, I believe I sent you this picture, but didn't enclose a note. Honestly, we get so many compliments on him, it gets embarrassing sometimes. He has such a disposition, we call him "a heartstealer". He is that nice, a real thief of hearts. His in-house manners are improving nicely, and his walking on lead, stopping, sitting, downing, and waiting commands all get excellent response. At a recent dog event, Xylo drew lots of attention. He hammed it up real good too. Lots of oohs and aahs, and "I've never seen a Shepherd that beautiful". A number of people have asked me where I got him, and I just give them your email address, and mention right now Xylo has two nieces available as pups. How's the sale of your property and move to a new location going? I've always found moving to be a daunting task, as I'm sure you will too. Any luck in placing your older females? It's time to feed Xylo his grain-free Victor chicken kibble. We get it from They are the lowest priced pet food and treats, etc., of anyplace, and there's no freight charge on the 50 lb. bag order. Treats and everything else are about 35% less than at PETCO. Have you ever tried them? Take care, Carl
  From: <>
Date: March 6, 2016
Subject: Leyna

Dear Dyan,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your help in getting the balance of Leyna’s paperwork in order. She has grown into a beautiful German Shepherd! Every time we take her someplace, people (including other German Shepherd owners) comment on what a pretty dog she is. As I shared with you, she has a wonderful gait when she runs. Erin says she looks almost like a racehorse as she trots along. Most importantly, she is an energetic, happy dog … and we love her. Our veterinarian who specializes in German Shepherd and Malinois dogs said Leyna is physically perfect. Since we have now also adopted a Lab mix rescue, we were concerned that Leyna might be aggressive with her. Not the first problem! They are becoming like sisters.

From the beginning, our grandson and Leyna have been inseparable. Although he is still very young, he has quickly learned commands and can make her behave and do what he wants. It’s a treat to watch the two of them playing.

Your love for, and commitment to your dogs is admirable. Frankly, I do not know how you handle all of the work. People ask us why we paid what we did for a puppy, and I explain that with your decades of breeding experience, we were certain we would have a puppy that would grow into a healthy, happy adult dog. Importantly, we are comfortable there will be no health surprises in the future.

I will be following up with you to get some new photos of Leyna so you can see how she has matured. As an FYI to your future puppy owners, we found it very beneficial to heavily socialize Leyna from the beginning. We took her to Home Depot and would invite people to come and visit with her. We gave the treats that they could give to her. Young, old, male, female … she enjoys visiting with everyone. And since we also worked with taking food and treats from her, she does not get excited if we need to take a toy of whatever from her.

Anyway, thanks again. I wish you continued success. We’ll keep in touch as our girl grows up.

Earl W. Smith

Hey Dyan,                7/31/15

Grace is a dream! She is by far the best "pup" we've had. Loves her crate, has house trained without too much incident, and is showing tremendous potential as a SaR dog.

I wanted to let you know that it is our intention to keep her in the family so we've scheduled her spay appointment for next Tuesday as she approaches 6mos old. We're planning to start an obedience class with her on the 17th so she should be healed well enough by the time that starts.

Attached is an updated pic I took earlier this week. Her color is coming in beautifully and she's up to 37lbs. We're all in love with her!
Thanks again for providing such a high quality GSD and family member for us!

Warmest Regards,
Kerrin Kostelic
Broker Associate, GRI, Realtor
Re/Max on the Coast
Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

Sent from my iPhone
  Good morning, Dyan,          1/5/14

I wanted to send you these pics of Oli at ten months visiting the nursing home.

She can't be a certified therapy dog until she reaches a year old in February, but our local facility has requested her time and time again--they can't get enough of her.  I can't believe at her age that she has the temperament to do this and be so patient--figured you might be able to use this testimony somehow or somewhere.  These aren't the best pics, but hard to hold the dog and still do pics. Several patients have had strokes and their hands don't work so well, but Oli stands patiently and lets them touch her.  She was in full blown heat during this last visit, and still the sweetest temperament you could ever see.

We are doing orientation at the VA hospital in Lexington in February in preparation of our ultimate goal--to be a therapy dog for the vets in local facilities.




TBT.....Thank you Dyan Merkel for a dream that has shaped all the "Campaigner's German Shepherds".

Vendetta was incredible and could win now.

The year was 1982 when Vendetta became the United States Grand Victrix!, She was also 2x Select at the GSDC National.  FUTURITY Victrix, .MATURITY. Victrix'. CH. Merkel's Vendetta, OFA, ROM. (Top producing Register of Merit Dam)

Joan Fox



Hi Dyan.

Just an update on my 100 pound male Zeus. He is  such
a dream to have in my house not just because he a so very clean but he knows when I'm sad or sick.  He reads me like a book and comes over by me and lays his head in my lap to comfort me. He's also great with my grand kids; even with his large size he is gentle with them. When they come over to visit he can anticipate it...he knows it's play time.

Zeus is a joy to have as a companion, protector.  He is a good friend to accompany me in my latter years as they come. 

Thanks again
Ken Sauer
Colleyville Texas

Puma/Vico son
Full brother to V1 Zessa vom Haus Merkel IPO3, Kkl `a


"I wanted to tell you that I have ALWAYS wanted a shepherd that would do the typical shepherd heel and focus solely on me while heeling.   I LOVE that look where they are just beside you looking at your face to see what you want them to do.  I have tried and tried with my other two, and yes it was me and not them!  BUT this girl is totally different.  When we are playing or she knows we are not “working” she does her own thing, even on leash.  But tell her to HEEL and she’s right there, watching me like I’m her world!  Awesome.  We stop and she sits, it’s amazing to me at not even 4 months.  Tickled to death!!!"

Zessa/Nero daughter

Merkels Odessa
and her little person 'Kerry'

FaceBook Post:

Merkel's Quaestor daughter Merkel's Odessa with my oldest daugter Kerry


United States Grand Victrix
Champion Merkel's Vendetta
Futurity & Maturity Victrix
2 times Select
Register of Merit Female
shown here as a 6-9 puppy in 1979 winning one of her many

Ch Merkel's Quaestor CD, OFA near ROM daughter

Facebook comment:

lolol  I just had to comment because I lived in Dallas when Merkel's Vendetta was a puppy.  I was a newbie and reading and studying all the time trying to learn the standard and when I saw Merkel's Vendetta at a show in the 9-12 class for the first time the light bulb went off!  Ah...THAT's the Standard!!



Zessa/Nero daughter

June 3, 2014
Oli is doing wonderful, she is the most awesome thing! I can't believe she's so easy, I'm just waiting for the other foot to drop. She has not chewed one single thing, and when I try to teach her something she just "gets" it immediately! We are so in love. I'll try to get some current pics tonite.  
 "Well, Dyan Merkel all I can say is that she is so awesome!! You were right about the bloodlines! She stays right by my side, leash or not, and does everything I ask her to do without arguing. Her only downfall, if you would call it one, is that she is soooo spoiled, and I don't think I'm solely responsible! She is housebroken and knows sitz, platz, foos, and come by 12 weeks of age. We are working on more complex commands but wanted to get the basics down first. Please feel free to copy this on your testimonials page, or let me know how and I will do it. I will say, though, that her brother haunts me! I keep looking at his pic thinking, could I, should I, would I??? Even looked at the map to see how far it is from me!"

Hi Dyan! Thanks so much for all of your time today. Here are a couple of pictures of our Heidi.

Nero/Clδr son


Thank you so much for the picture. I wanted to let you know we made it home and he was great - relaxed or asleep almost the whole way. He's also doing so well in his crate and hasn't had an accident in there yet. This may sound crazy but he's already doing well on a leash. I used it last night for potty breaks and by this morning when we went for our walk, he was right beside me! I can't believe how quickly he's already learning. I will be sure to send pictures as he grows and I will let you know how the vet appointment goes.


I mentioned over a month ago I would send some pictures of Rosie.  Her  temperament is fantastic.     I am so glad I found you when we decided to buy a German Shepherd.  We will be 2 yrs old in May. 
    She may look a little heavy.   We did lower her food intake recently. She weighs about 78 lbs.    Her coat has a red tinge to it.  I don't think the pictures do justice to her coloring.  It's beautiful.      She has lost much of her winter undercoat now.  
Hope all is good with you and your dogs and puppies.    Have a wonderful Easter.
Kind regards,
Hi Dyan,

Just want to let you know he was right on time yesterday and he is adorable. He really seems to have exactly the temperament I was looking for. Thank you so much. I am very happy and deeply in love already.

I will send you some pictures after he has grown some.

I saw on the news this morning you had some bad weather in N TX yesterday. I truly hope it skirted around you and you had no ill effects.
I wish you the very best with your medical tests coming up.
God Bless you,
Turk Chaney


  Hi Dyan, hope all is well with you.  Wanted to update you on my puppy that we recently purchased.  We changed her name from Lola to Pia (acronym for PAIN IN the ASS!).  :)
It suits her, I had forgotten what it's like having a pup. I was certain my large male was going to kill her if he had half a chance.  Glad to say that after a lot of patience and hard work they are now the best of friends.  She is growing so fast and has the greatest personality. She is smart as a whip and very feisty.  I think she will be the most beautiful dog ever! As you can tell I'm completely in love with her. 

Thanks again, Deni Pierce
We are very happy is going very well very smart and a beautiful attitude you can do anything to him when he's sleeping ,eating he never get mad unbelievable.  Thank you,



Darlin'. :-)
Isn't she gorgeous?  Lots of compliments.  Thank you.  She is really a funny girl. At night I will be sleeping and she will pounce on me or sit on me as if to say, "What you doing, mom?"


Hi Dyan,

Just thought I'd send you an update on our puppy:).  We named him Marko.  He is doing great!! Growing so fast.  Never any accidents in the house, learning his commands so easily (he's very smart), and just loves the boys.  He goes for his next vet appt tom so we will see how much he's grown.  We hope you are doing well.

Sendhil and Lindsay Govindarajan



I am the one who adopted a male puppy last spring. We named him Tuff, and he is doing very well. He's wonderful with children and very easily trained. Our older rescue German Shepherd finally lost the ability to walk and we had to put him down last fall. It was sad, but I was glad to not see him suffer anymore. We were wondering if you knew of another puppy or young German Shepherd that was available for adoption. We would like Tuff to have a friend, but we couldn't financially afford an expensive dog. Please keep us in mind if you know of a German Shepherd puppy that needs adopting. Thank you so much!
Erin Renfro



6 year old Annie was just retired into her new home.  She walked in like she owned the place and them. Don't we all love happy endings?!

Hi Dyan,
Just to keep you informed, Dexter had his 1st vet visit today and it went great! We wanted to let you know the doctor agreed that Dexter is in "perfect health!" He said his joints, teeth, stature and temperament are amazing. The doctor was quite impressed with the quality of dogs that you are breeding and also mentioned that a quality dog such as Dexter is not commonly seen. We know that you are already aware all of this but thought you'd like hearing that your hard work is very much appreciated. You are welcome to quote us if you'd like. If we hear of anyone looking for a German Shepherd you are the person we will be sending them to.
We will be sending you pictures as he grows and look forward to keeping in touch with you. Have a great weekend.
Suzzi & Alfredo


Hi Dyan,
Just thought I'd let you know we made it back to houston and the new puppy did wonderful on the drive.  He slept pretty much the whole time!  He's already made himself quite at home.  Following us everywhere and loving his new bed.  Thanks again, we will keep on touch!



Hi Dyan, It’s been almost three years no since we got Max. I just wanted to share a photo that was taken recently by our local newspaper. I built a large play house/swing/slide combination for our grandchildren and Max loves to climb the
ramp and go down the slide. He is very intelligent and well mannered. His parents were V Ken Vom Rosenblick and Uma Vom Haus Merkel. There wasn’t any article to go with the photo, just what was printed across the photo. We love him very much. He is a great companion and is a natural guard dog when it comes to looking after our three grandchildren. It’s amazing to watch him get between them and any possible threat like the street or a stranger. Thanks again, Garry




Dyan...Terry told me a long time ago that you were giving him one of your beautiful dogs. What you did is truly one of the nicest things that I've ever heard anyone do. Terry and I have been very special friends since high school so I know him well. I can assure you that dog will be loved and taken care of like no other. She will fill a huge void that was left when Terry lost Sandy. Thank you are very special.





Hi Dyan and Happy New Year! Hope 2014 treats you wonderfully!

I'm writing to let you know we are back in Alabama. The last time we talked was in April of last year.


(P.S. We just celebrated Coco's 2nd bthdy on the 30th .... Had cupcakes, no icing tho!

Puma and Putz daughters

Thank you for the kind words Dyan. Here are Penny and Laney with Small Bob in Florida. They have been bathing him nonstop in Izzy's absence.



Hi Dyan,  
Happy New Year.  I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of Ranger and the kids at our home in Texas.  We really enjoy him.  
Thanks,  Steve Kaufman



Elvy/Putz son

December 6, 2013


Here is Milo doing very well here in Florida at Christmas time.  We have an appointment next week for check up. 

He is doing very well playing a lot!



Elvy/Putz son @ 9 weeks
just moments after getting home
with him  from picking him
up at the airplort.

@ 5 weeks

November 27, 2013
We already got him we are very happy he looks beautiful, thank you so much we love him we really appreciate everything thank you very much for our new family member.
Thank you Nory
Miami, Florida



Thank you I will try that it just started so its already healing I'm just afraid to take the cone off and she makes it worse.

We get so many compliments on her and she is so smart her trainer was impressed she learned everything so quickly.  She knows all the basic commands and knows the names of a few toys when we tell her to get them.  She even knows some fun tricks too like high five and touch(I can tell her to touch the light switch and she will jump up and turn the light off).  She has one if those treat puzzle games where you hide treats in compartments and they have to figure out how to get them out and she can do that on the hardest setting.  Her trainer was amazed at how quick she found them.  She's sometimes too smart for her own good though and is stubborn ( I will tell her to do something and she will look at my husband until he says it too because she doesn't want to do it).  The only issue we have had is she started barking at people and other dogs.  I know that it is in her protective nature but she scares them and they don't realize she is harmless.  We have been working on it though and she has gotten better.  We have a baby on the way so that will be our next adventure with her seeing how she does with a baby.  She can tell something is up because she will lay next to me and put her head on my belly.  She hasn't really put on muscle yet and I'm not sure if its just her metabolism is so high or that her food is so organic or she just isn't old enough yet.  I switched her over to the large breed with higher protein.  Should I mix some wet food in with her dry food or should I just not worry about it until she hits 2? When I would get her wet in a bath you could see her spine but since I switched her over to large breed you can't anymore but I haven't been able to weigh her since I switched her.  I was just concerned because she was floating around 60-65 and that's what she was when she was 7 months old.  She got taller without gaining weight.  I know she's female and they don't get as big as the males but you said the litter was big boned and when she went in for her 1 yr visit at the vet they said she would probably hit 80 by now.  Thanks again!




Dyan must let you know we take 'Schatzie' to Lake Sumpter Landing every weekend. She is the center of attraction! We meet people from all over the world there. We get compliments after compliments on her. We had people ask if they could just take a picture of her because she is so beautiful. This one restaurant called Johnnie Rockets in Florida, they have a sign no pets, but the owner will allow her in there, because she is so well behaved and trained. One of the workers asked if he could   please have a picture taken with her beside him.  They have various stands through out the whole place, the workers see her coming down the side walk, they get excited and come out to talk with her.  Dyan I need to have some type of business card from you I advertise all the time for you, I tell them your web site but I know they won’t remember it.  Helen
Puma/Ken daughter

'Z' litter

Elvy/Zorro son @10 months

Dear Dyan,
Just a quick shot of Jack at the pool early in the morning.  I'll send more photos soon but this is his favorite spot after he has eaten in the morning.  He is like a tourist sunbathing.




I had a German Shepherd that I purchased about 15 years ago. I got him from Hungary. I did work him in Schutzhund some. He  was a beautiful black and red dog. He had amazing temperament. I was out cutting the grass and put him on a down (platz) on the front stoop. I lived in a suburb where there is a lot of foot and bike traffic. Well things got busy and I kind of forgot about him and three hours later, he was still there and did not move until I released him. I no longer have time for Schutzhund but I am interested in a companion. It is just my wife and I now at home.

We heard about you last week. My wife was in Madison Wisconsin helping to move my son into a new apartment for his last year in college. They came across a blind man who had a dog and was being assisted into a car by a friend. My wife commented on how beautiful the dog was and that we once had a dog who looked identical. The man raved about where he got the dog and gave us your name.

So bottom line, I am looking for a smart dog without issues such as separation anxiety or aggression. I would keep him inside. Too cold in Minnesota to be out in the winter. I want a dog that I can trust to be home by himself and not destroy the house.    I want a dog that could be trained in Schutzhund caliber.   Thanks for your quick response. Tony




We are the family who bought the puppy from you yesterday. Lady has yet to eat anything. She isn't playing either. She's been my shadow. Other than that, she's been amazing. She's smarter than a lot of people...

She has a well puppy check up tomorrow, but before we got the vet's opinion, we wanted yours since you've been raising these dogs for so long.

My only theory is she's such a loving, loyal dog, that she's having a hard time adjusting to not being with her mother and sister.

By the way, your advertisement doesn't do your dogs justice, though i doubt any amount of words could. We are astounded by how smart she is. We haven't had to tell her anything more than once. She's amazing.

Thank you!  Alex


You put out some fine pups. Everywhere he goes people are impressed. Me too.

Craig Teague
PS. This is the pup that I told you would be exploring tropical islands with my female GSD & me. I closed on the boat today. The adventure has begun.  Best wishes from the Caribean



'J' Litter

Wickie/Putz daughter


She is such a sweet girl, and very smart. She loves to herd our son



'F' Litter



I have never had a shepherd that loved water before.  Storm just goes crazy when I get the hose out to do some watering or fill the fountain.  We had to buy her a small wading pool. 

Now, the question is...does she have a ball drive?  The answer is boy oh boy does she!  Although we do not throw it hard or far she will retrieve it all day long if she could.  If I sit down to relax she goes to her toy box and gets a ball for me to toss and the real pain is that since I do not want her jumping for it I throw it low and she is so fast that she will get it before it gets past her and bring it back, and we can not fake her out on a throw.  Oh, if a ball is not available she has other chew toys that she will substitute.
Summary, Smart, fast learner, beautiful, loves water, rain (not bothered by lightning and/or thunder), balls and walking, wants to play all day, good eater, excellent health and is good with other dogs and cats.  So far minimum exposure to small children that will be this weekend as we will see how she does with fireworks.


'E' Litter

Puma/Ken daughter

Dyan enclosed pictures of our Sweetheart Schatzie, she is so smart and a loving dog. You only have to show her something once or twice, and she’s got it.  For example: I have a set of bells hanging on my back door, I told her if you want to go out, you ring the bells, I showed her 2 times, every since then she walks over takes her nose and rings the bells, and she  will sit and wait.  She understands both German and English.   We take her to the villages every Sunday and walk through the entire area, they have a radio announcer there that sits in a cubical and plays music, we walk buy and he announces here’s the beautiful shepherd Schatzie, people actually drive down the streets there, and slows down and looks at her, everyone walking down the sidewalks stops to tell us how beautiful she is.  People ask where we got her and give them your web site in which we do.  I am on a bowling league and she goes to the bowling alley with us. Everyone loves her there and they all take time to stop and say Hi Schatzie, and pet her.  She struts through there like she owns the place!   They don’t allow dogs in there but they allow Schatzie amazing!  One time we didn’t take her and you would be amazed at the people that asked where is Schatzie?    

Dyan  you do such a wonderful job with your Shepherds I am always recommending people to you. Your shepherds are worth every penny believe me.   In fact next month for her 3rd year birthday I am contacting the local channel 9 down to Dennys Restaurant to take pictures of her sitting on the patio having her birthday breakfast! If they go along with it I will see if I can get a copy and send it to you.

All I can say is if anyone who sees this if they want a good well bred Shepherd they need  to contact you, money well spent.



'B litter'

Kim/VA Paul daughter

You sure can post it!  I'll get a pic from the photographer when I can.  
 I cannot impress to you how smart this dog is and I am sure she is a perfect example of what you breed and produce. My hardest hurdle with her was her obsession with treats!!  I kid you not she is obsessed. She would make the perfect beggin strip commercial dog ever!! LOL  Once, just for the heck of it I took her out in the woods. Far enough she couldn't see the house. Now, she doesn't like to go anywhere alone, she doesn't like the woods period!! hee hee People think it's odd, I tell them that's exactly how a "good" dog should be. They shouldn't want to be away from their people. They shouldn't prefer other dogs and you know what I'm talking about so I won't go further. Anyway......(got off track there) so here we are in the woods. She is off leash just walking with me. Alex was out on a date, so I knew she wouldn't worry about leaving him behind. I had David rattle the bag, just rattle it!! In the garage. And she took off like a lightening bolt for that bag of treats!! I don't care where she is, if she hears "the" bag she will clear all obstacles to get there! So I have always teased that she would be the perfect commercial dog and you wouldn't even have to starve her for how ever long they make those dogs wait!!  You can't say the word "snack" around her or spell it!! She knows what your talking about and will run to them. She is just a bit spoiled........just a bit. 

Did I tell you about the thread I found ditching your dogs???  I didn't realize it was like three years old. I got on there and gave them what for and told them all a bout Bryn and what she had accomplished. It wasn't long till about six other of your puppy owners were right there with me. The lady who started it chewed us all out and shut the thread down. Geee  Someone had brought a dog back. My first line was any reputable breeder WANTS their puppy back! It's in most contracts if you have one!  If the dog didn't work for you it's not Dyan's fault. Then I went into my spill about Bryn and temperament etc....  I wish I would have screen printed it. But I didn't realize how old it was or that the lady would take such offense!! ha ha She knew she was wrong! Once I had a lady that had three of my dogs and when she had a sudden heart attack, very unexpected, and passed away, can you believe she left me her entire kennel!! That was a shock. I took them and placed them, but she had a husband and kids!!!! Can you say, awkward?? I did keep her retired police import for my father in law. He was constable. Ozzy was perfect for him . They were a great duo. I don't really know why he was retired. Because he was only 7. And he loved the buzz of the officer chase. We used to have a lot going on out here and when Paw strapped on his badge and gun Ozzy was ready to go.
Why does everyone want males????  Females are just as good. There is a market for service dogs as so many people are in need!!   As smart as your dogs are you will have no problem training them Especially so young. Remember Bryn was already 18 months old when we got her. And still look what she accomplished!!!   

Keep me posted!!!


'F' Litter



Hope all is well Storm is still growing and as before is beautiful.  She is especially smart and takes to training like water off a ducks back.  As mentioned in our earlier e-mail (when she was 16 weeks old) she is doing great and the only problem with her is that everyone who sees her want to admire her. 

When we walk into the vet the staff look up and greet her by name and ask us for our names to prepare the paper work. 

We love her and she is doing great, we could not be happier with her.




Wickie/Putz son @ 14 months


Dyan, I travel during the week and have little time when I am home.  It is not the best but you might be able to see what a fine mover and example of breed he has turned out to be.   That is why I have always come back to you for a great German Shepherd. 

Best Regards, Bruce



Anuschka/Putz son

Here is a picture of Max with his kiddos. He is two now and perfect


@ 8 weeks


May 30, 2013

Thanks for allowing Connor and I to come pick out our dog in person. She is a wonderful addition to the family. We are finally home after far too many hours in the car. 1800 miles in 3 days has left me a little weary, and I can't remember if I asked you everything when we were there. I do have a few quick questions on the dog's routine. 
You said she had been in the house for 2 weeks. Did you feel she was fully house trained since she is only 12 weeks old?  She did very well on the car ride.
What were her sleeping arrangements and her night time routine? Had she spent time in a crate/kennel, and if so how was she put up for the night?  Roughly how much was she eating and did you have a feeding schedule? (Full access vs intermittent feeding)
Thanks so much for all your help. I believe we are naming her Johanna. 


'G' litter

5 month Wladamir/Quinny


May 30, 2013

Dyan, Misha is doing amazing! 

I will be meeting with an AKC Herding group judge next week to discuss her potential in the show ring.

She get’s along great with everyone she meets now and enjoys socialization at the dog park. 

Attaching a couple pics. 

Best wishes, Scott A. Groff


These girls are so smart and such characters!  Cindy

May 28, 2013 7:26pm
This what I have to deal with! Laney and Penny go out the front door and race around back to get into the kitchen! Too darn smart!
Length: 0:10


'B' Litter

Anuschka/Scotty son

Diesel growing up in Dallas, Texas.



'E' litter

Clδr/Ken son 5 months old



Here's a couple pics of jax going into the lake in front of our house, and relaxing in our motor home.  He loves to  travel and loves to jump into the lake.... whether we want him to or not!



In training to be a
 Handicap Assistance Dog


Hi Dyan!
Well Carmen/Kharma is doing very well with her training! Super smart girl!  Thank you so much for helping make a dream come true.
I wondered how you were faring after your loss... and how the puppies were doing?  I hope all is getting a little better.
Just wanted to let you know how my girl is doing!  She is laid back and doing great!


Thank you.  
yes, we received his papers.  He has been a great addition to the family. 

Highland Park, Texas

Thanks from Tulsa Oklahoma
Hy Dyan,
Thanks for allowing Carol and I to visit last week and see your lovely dogs.  As you may recall, we were referred by a former Dallasite named Tex, who lives in my oldest daughter's apartment building in Manhattan and who bought way-cute 5 month old Ranger from you --you were uncertain who it was and so I asked around.  He told my daughter that Ranger's parents are Putz and Anushka.
We loved your pups; they are obviously very high quality--Carol even wanted to consider a girl for the first time, so cute were they all.  We both particularly appreciated your approach to both breeding and your confident, low key method of training and raising the pups --it shows in their behavior.
We have really been torn, and I don't even know if your male is still available.  For a while, we have been in the process of getting an imported male from a friend/acquaintance who is a serious hobby breeder.  When we visited we were not sure he was going to have any pups and right after we visited he told us he would.  We feel like we have made somewhat of a commitment to him that we should honor and since we don't think we have capacity for two dogs, we reluctantly decided to pass on your pups, at least for now.  If circumstances change, we will almost certainly want to call back to see what animals you may have available then.
Thank you again for your time.  You have a wonderful breeding program.
Best Regards,
Steve and Carol


'B' Litter

Puma/Scotty son

May 1, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Diesel

The Nick Shah Family


Thanks Dyan,

Stella is wonderful. Fantastic with the kids has trained very easily. Such a loving playful dog. I will send you pictures soon. I have sent some but don't know if you received them. 

New York, New York
  Hi Dyan,

Thank you for mailing us the AKC registration form!

We continue to be amazed by our puppy we got from you last summer. His training is going great! We get so many compliments on his looks and behavior.

I've attached a recent picture of him. Please let me know if you would like more.

Jennifer Guibert

Atlanta, Georgia


Hi Dyan,

I hope all is well.  
Firstly, I want to tell you what an amazing addition Ranger has been to our little family.  He has brought, and continues to bring, so much joy, love and happiness into our lives in ways we never thought possible.  It is so wonderful watching him grow, learn, explore and play.  He is so smart, gentle and curious - and to top it all off, he is the talk of the town!  We can't take a walk without being stopped every few steps for pictures, pets, and general admiration.  Secondly, I just went to go register Ranger with the AKC (finally) and it looks like we need an individual Dog Registration Application, which is supposed to be provided by the seller.  Is that something that you can either email or mail to us?  I have attached a few recent pictures of our little man for you.  We can't thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to bring Ranger into our lives.  I look forward to hearing back from you!!


'N Litter'




Service Dog in Training
'N' Litter

Putz/Kim daughter


Emma is in my face this morning - wants to see her friends at Bowdoin! Here she is planting herself in front of me panting with anticipation...this dog is smart.


'H' Litter

Ken/Puma son
(repeat litter)


Hi, hope all is well with you and your back is feeling better!!! Just want to let you know that Lou is doing very well so far! 

He is everything I asked you for.  He is confident with a lot of personality.  I am on vacation this week and he is my little shadow.
Wherever I am, Lou is not far away.  My female LOVES him and is FANTASTIC with him (luckily).  He is catching on very quickly too. Very happy! 


New Jersey

'E' Litter

Ken/Clδr son


Hi Dyan,

How are you doing? Hope all is well.
Here's a picture of Dodger, 22 weeks.
Take care & regards,
Tony & Maya

North Carolina


'Z' Litter

Putz/Vessa son @ 9 months


Hey Dyan

You had said you wanted pictures of your puppies when they were older. Meet Sig, in this picture he is about 11 months old. He was from you 3-10-12 litter, Putz and Vessa. He is the coolest dog. He and my 9 year old male German Shepherd are the Best of Friends. They are inseparable. He has more energy than you can believe and the best personality. My 9 year old has taught him to be the big protector. When ever he hears something in the alley, the hair goes up on his back and he takes off to get the bad guys but when friends come to the house he is great with them after he knows them.
The picture is a little blurry because he never stops.
Thanks so much. Take care.


'E' Litter



Hi Dyan,
Here is a picture of Stella today. One of her favorite places to be!   We are loving her she is just such a sweet, fun to be around dog.   Hope all is well with you.

Jimmy and Kandi Endres


'E' Litter

Clδr/Ken son


Hi Dyan

Jackson is doing fine. He has been rather cavalier about learning to be housebroken, but we think he's finally got the hang of it. He keeps getting bigger and bigger, and everyone who sees him is impressed by his good looks, manners and boyish charm. He knows sit and "shake" and walks very good on a leash, and as you can see by the picture, gets our newspaper in the morning. He does struggle with the heavy Sunday paper, but in another couple of months, will not have a problem carrying it! We couldn't be happier with him.
I'll keep the pictures coming.
Art Griffin


PS Jax has a pool and loves the water. We have a lake across from us which he loves to jump into.


'F' litter

Anuschka/Putz son


Thought you would like these pics of Rookie at 3mo. He had his first visit to Rockwall County Veterinary Clinic to get his 12 week check-up and shots. Dr Keith Taylor is our Vet. He and his staff spoke very highly of you and, when I said you would be getting an update, Dr Taylor asked if I would to tell you hello for him.

We set a date in May to have him neutered, which should take care of him. He is doing great!





Puma/Ken male
Photo @12 months

Sorry it's taken so long to send you some photos of Remo, I snapped these yesterday. He is doing very well and is quite happy. We love him very much and he's everything we had hoped.



POSTED ON THE INTERNET IN A DOG FORUM: I can personally vouch for the solid temperament and soundness of Dyan's dogs. I purchased an 18 month old female for my son as a service dog. It takes two to three years to train and certify most service dogs. We have had Bryn for a little over a year and she is completely certified as a service dog as well as a medical alert dog and just for the heck of it my son put her CGC on her just last week. She picks up dropped objects, can open doors, she can alert when Alex needs help and many more things. Her most important job? Alerting to high blood pressure, low blood pressure and low blood sugar. Not just any dog can do this. The dog must have a strong bond with it's "person". You cannot even begin to have a bond like this unless the puppy has been properly conditioned. Dyan's dogs are properly conditioned. Bryn is a people dog. Not a dog's dog. She craves human attention and companionship. That comes from being in a kennel where a lot of time has been spent with humans and not other canines. She has been properly socialized and is comfortable in any situation. Again, that is Dyan's doing. Good homes are very important to Dyan. She puts a lot of love and time into her puppies. I believe she tries extra hard to place each puppy/dog in the right home. If she doesn't have something to fit your needs, you probably won't get a dog. That's better than having an ill fitting match. She stands behind her dogs. If it doesn't work out. She wants her dog back and will replace it if necessary. We could not be more happy with Bryn. My son is paralyzed from the chest down. Bryn has brought freedom and happiness and laughter that could not have come from anywhere else.   Jennece in Arkansas

'B litter'

Kim/VA Paul daughter


We now have Bryn certified as a Therapy Dog too!!!

So, she is certified Service Dog
certified Medical Alert Dog
CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
and certified Therapy Dog
I attached her K-9 card that a company made for us to hand out when she goes to schools and daycares. Pretty Neat!




Bryn, I believe is smarter than all of us!! Too smart for her own britches!!! Have you ever seen a dog watch a clock??? Alex doesn't take her to his labs because they are three hours long. So she stays with me. She will watch the clock and when it is time for him to get out of class she will go and lay by the door and wait for him!! Such a smartie pants!

1/24/13                                Clar/Ken Daughter
Kim, the lady who picked Ellie
up at the Airport  and I have had more fun with her around the house today. You are right, so smart, picks up commands easily. What a beautiful dog! My lab tolerates her but isn't quite sure about her yet. Nose out of joint feeling like too much attention to new puppy even though we include her also. I gave her vaccine records to my vet. They need to know the tag # for the rabies or the vet clinic it was given. Thanks. Off to feed the girls! Oh, Ellie said thanks for sending her here!!!! Mary

Dyan, I asked Tim where all the paperwork for the puppy was, He told me the airline people took it out of the envelope and took it to the back, therefore he "assumed" it was their paperwork. No offense, but these people have dogs that they take all over. I would think they would know to ask for the health papers!  GRRRRR!   I guess I can't say anything, I couldn't pick her up. Would your vet at least have the # on the tag?? My vet could call them for it if they would have it. I could try calling AA but I'm sure they don't have the paperwork any longer.

Well we had another good night. She is sitting here chewing on her bone. Everyone except the cats love her. The cats are very put out by this intruder. The lab is fine with her until later in the evening when Ellie wants to play and she doesn't. She gets grumpy and growls at her as she walks away. That is about as aggressive as Daisy gets. Will give you updates on Miss Ellies progress! Thanks


'a' litter

Pan/Lira daughter


We are visiting my brother in South Fork, Colorado; Abba goes with us everywhere we go.

Here are two pictures of her. One is of her in the snow; the other is of her in her “Den”


'z' litter

Putz/Vessa daughter @ 7 months


Hi Dyan,
I saw you had surgery recently? Hope all is well. Wanted to see if Zelda could come for two visits in the next two months.
Zelda is doing great and we love her immensely! She's a very happy puppy as you can see by some of my FB posts.  Thanks for thinking of us.  She's brought us much happiness and helped us through the loss of Hannah.




Clar/Ken son
Shipped 1/11/13


Hi Dyan,
Just wanted to thank you for Our puppy! He's so smart and laid back. His alcohol name will be Eragon but we call him Jackson. Will his papers come in the mail? It's been so long since we did this, I forget how it works!
Art Griffin


'F' Litter

Anuschka/Putz son
Shipped 1/19/13


Very happy! Thank you!

Julie Evans


Hi everyone,

We left Otto vom Haus Merkel on the deck one day unattended and we noticed he was all wet and no water was running. Our friend Josephine told us he could turn the faucet on and off. We didn't believe her.

While we were at work, Josephine filmed this to convince us that Otto knew how to turn the water ON and OFF.

For those of you who don’t know Otto, he is our son Max's 17 month old German shepherd. We think he might be smarter than a 5th Grader!

Putz/Wickie son from the 1st breeding.  Wickie and Putz are expecting again for the 3rd repeat of this incredible bloodline combination. 1/7/13 

New York

Video of Rudi at 8 months getting the morning paper.  I can't seem to make it work on the website but the 'You Tube'  link is below.

@ 8 months from the 'J' litter


Wickie/Putz son


You might enjoy this. Rudi wants to do this more than eat in the morning. As you can see he is a spoiled house dog.  I don't know if you remember but Rudi was the little guy. He is standard size and has this gorgeous movement. A lot of angulation but thankfully it is german angulation. As discussed in the past, this is my third from you since the mid 80's, (Apache, Romel and now Rudi) and I can always count on a great example of the breed that drips with type from you. For me, no type no breed!



@ 8 months
'J' litter

Wickie/Putz son



I knew about your mother and am so sorry to hear about the rest of your bad luck. I would love to have another one of your dogs but my wife would kill me! We have a black and tan bitch out of German breeding that is a couple of months older than Rudi. She is also out of German imports but does not have a proper coat and is not near the example of breed as Rudi.  She is intelligent and has a great nose. I had her spayed and they are both house dogs. In any case we are both in our mid 60’s and had forgotten how much trouble 2 puppies can be. Dyan, as much as I love your dogs I think I love my wife more…..If I hear of anyone who make a good home for your female I’ll let you know.



Ulla/Quilo son

Hey Dyan --

I’ve attached the sales agreement for Sam and a copy of the link you sent me for ”S” litter vom Haus Merkel. Sam is the best shepherd we’ve ever had! His temperament is amazing. He’s such a happy dog and loves everyone.

I’ll send more photos.

Sylvia Rogers

Hello Dyan,

My name is Chester Tam and I am the husband of Helen Tam who you have been in contact with regarding our new puppy. Attached is the signed contract that you requested from us. The one question I had to you regarding the name of the puppy is, if we were to give him our last name, would we put that before the Von Haus Merkel or after? Thank you for clearing up the first name starting with an E with Helen as this kept her up all night trying to figure out a name starting with E.

I know Helen has told you I've been skeptical about purchasing a dog online at such a hefty price tag without ever seeing a puppy. There are so many scams out there these days and this is what cause me to feel this way. Now that the time has finally arrived for us to welcome home our new family member, I'd like to thank you for all you have done. I'm grateful that you have provided us with a puppy you feel will be a great fit for our family and grateful for all the answers you have provided back as we had them. As you may know, Helen and I are in love with German Shepherds and this will come at the perfect time of year. We are very excited to see our children's reaction tonight when we go to the airport. Thank you for doing all that you do to share such wonderful dogs with the world. We will be in touch soon.

Happy Holidays,

Chester Tam


Photos soon

Hey Dyan!

Haven't heard from you in a while. I thought I'd send a few pics of Bryn. 

Did I tell you we put a CGC on her? Well she was the top score in her class. We also had her tested for a therapy dog, so now she can visit little kids in the hospital. So, she is a Certified Service Dog, Certified Medical Alert Dog, Certified Therapy Dog and she has a CGC! Pretty cool!

Have a very merry Christmas!!

Jennece, Alex and Brynny


'B' Litter
@6-7 months


I sent this around Xmas. She is chewing on a small rawhide, I think her face is beautiful. She is a big girl. Not sure how much she weighs but it must be about 55 to 60 lbs at this point.  She is so strong. While visiting my parents she tried to chase a cat in the rain. I ended up falling in mud but managed to hold on to the leash. It was all I could do to hold her back. I have learned that the "leave it" command that she was taught by the trainer helps with these types of situations. She is still on puppy food. ( nutro ultra). When do you recommend I change her to an adult food?
Dyan. - Merry Christmas
Here is a picture of Rosie. Still a work in process in obedience. We have just gotten her back from 18 days of board and train in Flower Mound. She is a bundle of energy. 
I saw pictures of your current litters on your website. That is a fantastic looking male you have pictured.
Best regards,
Ann Crossman


Wickie/Putz son


Hi Dyan,

Hope this note finds you well and enjoying the holiday season. Otto will be on packaging for a Pet car bench seat cover to be out in stores like Kohl’s soon and also In the January 2013 'SureFit catalog'. He’s a star!


New York

Puma/Ken daughter


Luna's play date in Greenwich today...this is what I do for her.....Patton (golden), Samson (lab) and Jack (rat terrier)....Jack is her boyfriend go figure! Hope this isn't too annoying for you all. :)....xo Heide

New York


This litter will be repeated.



Uzi at 12 months of age with his little girl.



Dyan,                                 11/13/12

Jen and I wanted to pass along some new pics of Cooper, Voltan and Ullas litter back in February 2010. Cooper was entered into a Halloween contest at his doggy camp we take him to and he won LOL!! His winning Halloween pic is attached, although Cooper looks beyond upset about wearing his Halloween outfit. I also attached another Pic of Cooper enjoying his day at camp. Cooper continues to be the love of our lives. He has absolutely become part of our family and goes everywhere with us. He always steals everyone's heart that meet him, although at first impression, people tend to be a little hesitant coming up to him. He is the favorite at the Camp we take him too, the staff even have the Pic of him, attached above by the Pool, hanging up in their lobby.

Hope all is well. We saw about the dog attack on one of your females, you all were in our thoughts and prayers. Was the owner ever caught? Please keep us updated as we still think about how you both are doing.

Thank you again for providing such a special companion for Jen and I. We will continue to keep you updated on Cooper and us.

Jonathan and Jen Palmer


'R' Litter

Puma/Ken son


Hi Dyan,

Duke is doing great. (Carlos was not such a fan of the pink, but we all know it is for a great cause!!) We just absolutely adore him. There is not an outing he goes on that he is not getting praise and compliments on how beautiful he is. Our vet is very impressed with his mannerisms and behavior. Hope all is well!


Christa Cortez



Pόtz daughter

"I see and appreciate the value and intricacy in what top breeders put into breeding these excellent dogs. Minka is a member of the family. There is no price on that. "


Feli/Puts daughter



9 month old Ursy vom Haus Merkel at the dog park having a great day looking for all her friends!


Hi Dyan,

You know, prior to finding your site I was searching for a breeder for almost a year. I was searching local, out of state, and even international. I've even thought of adopting. I would check out local pounds to see if there was a dog fit to be part of our family. Most of the dogs that were up for adoption were not suited for a house with children, therefore, I scratched the whole adoption idea. I was never 100% sure on a dog because during that time, I had scheduling conflicts with work, the kids, and school. In addition to that, my son's allergist forbid us from having a puppy. You can imagine how heart broken my son is because of that. In addition, I felt our place was too small to support a big dog.

There was two reasons why I decided to have a puppy. Mind you, my husband was against it-unless the dog was a GSD. The main reason was the constant begging from my children and my son telling me he resents himself because his allergies didn't allow him to own a dog-ever. This broke my heart. The second reason was because of the incident that occurred in our office building back in April. Our building had an attempted robbery. Long story short, the robber assaulted two people and it all happened in front of our office. The first thing that popped in my head was, "We need to get a dog, like, NOW!"
After that, puppy searching simply got serious and was on a whole different level. I wanted a puppy that was of high quality, exceptionally large, great to train in terms of protection, yet had the loving and loyal disposition of the breed. For me, this is important. Now, you may think we have deep pockets- but we actually don't. At least not yet. My husband and I make an honest/decent living and are in the upper middle-class range in terms of salary. It's a great living, but not rich by any means.
When I ran into your site- it was like reading a book and opening a present at the same time. It literally surprised me! I love the articles, detailed information, and of course the pictures. It wasn't sketchy or misleading. Most importantly Dyan, your site showed me your passion and dedication for the GSD breed and that's what I wanted in our breeder. I highly respect your hard work, commitment, sacrifice, and endless efforts in keeping the quality of the breed a priority. You educated me and I thank you for that.
I'd buy an older puppy from you. I know they need loving homes.   My husband already thinks I'm crazy for spending that much on a puppy. Enjoy your day with the dogs tomorrow. You need it!


@ 11 months

Puma/Ken son


Hi Dyan

Every time i take ranger out people stop to tell me he's beautiful and sweet. Several have asked me for your info.

I Love him'




Hi Dyan,

I hope you are doing good. Codin is stilll adorable - even with those floppy ears....should I tape them up? He left your house with alert ears. They came down about a week later and he still isn't picking them up - I wonder what happened? I also took him to the vet, he suggested surgery about 5 months to be neutered, so in October or early November I will take him in to be neutered.
He brings the newspaper up when Kristen gets the mail after school every day. Kristen walks him and plays with him every day. They play fetch and he brings the ball back, he harasses the cat and is generally enjoying being a family dog.
P.S. My neighbor Marcy talked to another neighbor about adopting your cockatiel, but she already has 3 birds and said no. If I know of anyone, I will let you know
Anuschka/Scotty 'C' litter


'Z' Litter




Attached are 2 pictures of Lexi and Laney. I will send a second e-mail with the additional images.  She is working on her Canine Good Citizen for AKC. Our home owners insurance company requires this.




Hi Dyan,

I'm messaging you with the hopes that you can help me. My GSD's breeder will be of no help, this I'm sure.

My dog has been ill on and off since he was a puppy, starting with PANO. Anyway, he is 2 1/2 years old and suffers from chronic pyoderma. He is on SPL injections, medicated baths weekly, benadryl almost every night and Natural Balance grain free kibble- chicken & sweet potatoes. He looks good but is uncomfortable. I can see it. He does have some sensitivities to molds, dust mites, pine trees. My vet did not think it was worth it to spend the money on food allergies. This dog is even mildly allergic to humans. Ace is currently on antibiotics because of a break out. This cannot be long term as you know, because of future resistance. The vet as mentioned changing him to Abady dog food. I am going crazy trying to figure out ways to help him, in his environment. I ripped up my rugs and put pergo flooring down and now I'm thinking I should rehome some birds as I have 6 of them. Thinking he may be allergic to them as well.

I'm sorry to bother you (because I'm not technically a client yet) but you're the only breeder I can go to. From what I've read and seen on the net, you have the values of a very respectable breeder. Any input would be appreciated. Have you ever heard of this in other lines? Thanks so much ahead of time.

"R" Litter

Ken/Puma son


Hi Dyan,


Hope all is going well. This pic is a month old now (11 months), but wanted to share. Duke is doing great, and enjoying his summer on the lake. He still wears his life jacket cause we are too scared to do without it.





"R" Litter



Dear Dyan,

I can't believe Luna is almost a year old (Puma/Ken)....We took her on our family vacation to Nantucket where she swam and played on the beach daily. She adapted to sand and sea as if she never knew anything else.


'A' Litter



Maddie went for final shots last week. Looks great & weighed in at 47.5 lbs.

Caren C Stapp


AKA Blitz, AKA Mika

Italo/RIesa daughter

Original owner was told by a group of 'trainers' of Malinois that  Her dog 'Blitz' (Fenja) dog could not do Schutzhund.  I would love to see their credentials!!!!! 

Guess what...Fenja was returned to me, then this gal in Florida bought a Malinois puppy.   Watch your trainers, they have a hidden agenda just to get into your pocket and sell you one of their dogs.

However, 'Fenja' (Mika) has a great owner now and is working with real trainers!!!!


Hi Dyan,

Rory is beautiful. Everyone that sees him just goes on and on about how gorgeous he is. Plus he is almost a very good boy. LOL His adolescence has been difficult. Typical teenage boy. LOL He is about 80 pounds at 9 months right now. I’ll share some photos when I get his papers. You are going to be very proud of him.



'R' Litter

Ken/Puma son

I hope things are well. I have been meaning to send you a photo of beautiful Remo, and will soon. I just wanted you to see this. It appears that your email account has been hacked.

Remo is the most amazing dog I have ever seen.

Take care.




Mambo/Ussi daughter

Hey Dyan,

Liebe and I received our documentation from the Nat'l Assn for Search and Rescue today showing our recent certification as a SaR K-9 team in Area Scent. I have attached a copy of our certificate and will send a pic of the two of us very soon for your records.

I am extremely proud of our bright and talented girl and I just knew you would be too!






Well here are a few pictures of Zeus patrolling the yard. The neighbors call him Mr. Tuffy because he lets you know if anyone is around.

He loves the grand kids a looks out for them. Can't ask for a better companion and protector.


Colleyville, Texas



Zorro/Elvy son
'x' Litter

The puppy Alex is doing great! His temperament in public continues to exceed any and all expectations. His stool is now consistently firm. We have him on a White fish food he goes bonkers for.
He learns tricks in Minutes!
Has a true excitement for his daily routine. House broken with basically no effort.
We have decided that schutzhund is a bit to much for us. We are starting basic training this coming week. Just for fun, nothing to serious. He needs very little help, so crazy smart.
His left ear is still down, is that OK?
Very playful sometimes excitement boils over in am play time and he goes for the fore arm. It is out of a playfullness for sure. However in the overexcited state a firm NO seems to have little effect.
What is best way to handle?
Adam and Sabine.



Yuma/Fenja son


...."helping mom plant begonias"



Putz/Wickie son

Hi everyone,

We left Otto vom Haus Merkel on the deck one day unattended and we noticed he was all wet and no water was running. Our friend Josephine told us he could turn the faucet on and off. We didn't believe her.

While we were at work, Josephine filmed this to convince us that Otto knew how to turn the water ON and OFF.

For those of you who don’t know Otto, he is our son Max's 17 month old German shepherd. We think he might be smarter than a 5th Grader!

'R' Litter
6 months old

Ken/Puma son

'Duke' Cortez




I recently adopted a German Shepherd from my friends Bob and Wendy Dowds from Visalia California. Regrettably they have lost the purchase records. They remembered that they bought the 2 year old Shepherd male from a Texas, Dallas/ Fort Worth Breeder (the breeder was a lady) and had it flown to California and that the dog's first name was Fix. He was protection trained, but again they do not remember the extent of the training.
I saw your webpage and noticed that your Shepherds have the same colors as Fix. I would like to find out more about him, since he is a magnificent dog. Kind, protective, loving and awesome to look at. It would be great to understand more about his training background.
Just wondering if he might by chance be from you. Please see attached photo.
Thank you for your time.
Gaby Kidwell



Zorro/Elvy & Putz/Wickie


All's well but EVERYONE is a bit tired :)





Bryn vom Haus Merkel

She really is beautiful! She weighs 85 pounds, but she isn't overweight at all! Just very large boned and very muscular. She is such a nut! She does so many funny things that have us rolling in the floor. But when she is on the wheelchair she is all business. It is amazing how quickly she can switch from pet to working dog! What she was doing in that picture was trying to get me to take her to campus where she knew Alex was! She thought she was being sly, but I was on to her! LOL

Something interesting that we found out is that the odor of marijuana is extremely irritating to her. How we found this out was a guy came to class with some in his back back. She started sneezing and then glaring at his back pack. She continued to chuff at it. After class the guy comes up to Alex and says "dude, you should let us know your dog is trained in drugs!" Alex said she's not, he said "Yeah right that why she knows I have a joint in my bag". How funny is that???

Victor & Biggi sons
4 years old

Wickie vom Haus Merkel older brothers.  



Feli & Putz son

Thanks Dyan.

When was his birthdate????

I'll have Linds send some pictures of Uzi's head tomorrow. He has a big noggin. Beautiful dog. Will do Putz proud. :)

Matt Dailey


'N' Litter
"Emma" 10 months old
Hearing Ear Dog

Repeat breeding
Putz & Kim daughter

Dyan -   wherever we go people comment how beautiful Emma is - some have said they have never seen such a perfect looking GS dog :-) very friendly and attentive - a real people-dog .. loves everyone and loves to play with other dogs.


My name is Deana and I'm the Field Representative for the Guide Dog Foundation. I am based out of Athens, GA, but the main campus is in Smithtown, NY.
I want to start off by saying how very impressive your site is. We have a very small breeding colony of GSd's here in the South (4 females ranging from 5 months to 4 years, all carriers for degenerative mylopathy, 1 male that is also a carrier and 1 male that is clear) so we are always on the look out for the temperament that we need as guide and service dogs but also a non carrier.
Can you tell me your prices for puppies or even an adult that would fit these parameters?
Deana Izzo
Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.
Field Representative


Flikka & Rio
'Y' litter

We love  Molly and Titus dearly. And they are spoiled. The picture of Molly was this morning. When people see them they always say how beautiful they are.


Service Dog

'F' Litter
Italo & Riesa

August 22, 2011




Hi Dyan,

Fred is Great!





Hearing Ear Dog

Putz & Kim

Deb Silverman posted on your Wall.

"EmmaLeah born 2-22-2011 to Kim/Putz via Dyan's careful match-making, is now almost 6 mos old, approx 46 lbs, and a very happy girl. She has taken several obedience courses, passed the AKC CGC (good citizen), agility course work, and is a service dog in training (Hearing Ear Dog - her owner is deaf). Soon she will receive 1-1 specialized training.

Emma has a wonderful temperament - loves people, children, dogs (and cats) - very (too) smart and has mastered nearly every dog toy (that holds food) available."


Formerly FENJA
'F' Litter

Italo & Riesa

Hi Dyan

Just wanted to let you know Mika might have saved my life today.
Here's what happened:
There was this weird guy outside my apartment looking in our windows and when I went to take her out to go the the bathroom he kept like pacing and looking at me. He started walking toward me and I was like can I help you? He didn't say anything by this time Mika was already by our front door I was by the stairs probably 30 feet away and she must have sensed I was nervous and she came around the corner and stood in front of me and started barking, he took off to his car. I reported all this to the police this morning and they reported it to our apartments.

Because of her I thankfully am sound at home but who knows what could have happened. Thank you for giving me my best friend who I trust more than anything. She definitely makes me feel so safe when Ryan isn't there to.

Markell & Ryan

Ps. Ryan gets deployed on may 10th and we are coming to Dallas Christmas time so will have to stop by and see you maybe help with some puppies if you have any



Putz & Zessa


Hey Dyan,

I haven't sent you a picture on a while. Minka is doing so well! Here is a quick photo showing her riding in the back seat of the convertible enjoying some wind. She spent her first day at a doggie daycare and did wonderfully with all of these strangers and other dogs. People really love her sweet temperament. She is also the most beautiful GSD I have ever seen! Anyway just an update.

Take care,

  Just an update Maximus is doing great, I will send picture - I can not believe he is almost a year old. (Putz and Kim) he is beautiful. What a sweet boy, loves to chew my little one but getting better. I am very happy with him, he is starting to get red.

This is Max, birthdate 2/22/11. He has such a beautiful face and he is so sweet

New Jersey

@4 months

Putz-Kim daughter
'N' Litter

July 20, 2011

Hi Dyan,

Here's a photo of Gilly at 4 months. She's doing very well. She's doing her K-9 obedience training and the trainer is working us with the tracking. He likes her a lot and he is anxious to see what she can do. Depending on how well she does, the officer has talked about Gilly and I possibly joining the local search and rescue group. That would be fun. But first I need to get through my knee replacement surgery next month.



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